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This is also a late makeup post, busy busy mami..
So we celebrated Nica’s 1st birthday on Ibiza island. We are so proud of you, Nica. At one year old, you can do soooo much already, like eating all by yourself, you enjoy so many different kind of food, you love all fruits, all kinds of noodles, you are truly a sunshine! You charm everyone around you. Everyone loves you!!You got 5 teeth now, the upper three just breaking through a few days before your birthday. You starting taking steps,(now about 3 weeks after, you can already walk as much as 7 steps!!!) you took your first steps toward us on the island. WE ARE SOOOO PROUD!! You are so brave, so smart, so determined and sooo strong. You never cry long when you hurt yourself. You only fell off the bed once, then you learned that you have to turn around to get off the bed!! You love the ocean, you absolutely not scare of the water, by the way you look at other children on the beach, you seem to wish that you could swim already. You love playing with sand, you talk so much, although we don’t understand what you are saying, we do understand what you want, you can say already many words, like mama, mum mum for food or drinks, dada, papa, the latest is bom, you started singing when I sing “Lollipop”, you would add bom in the end and stick your finger in your mouth. You also say bitte when you ask for things..not sure if you mean it, but you do say it!! You also point to things that you want. When you say food that you like, you would go “oooooo” with this funny cute mouth that you do….
OH, Nica, you are the love of our lives, you bring so much joy into our lives everyday, WE LOVE YOU SOOOOOOO MUCHHHH!!!Did I mention that you are absolutely the beautiful little baby!!!!

Happy 1st birthday!!


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