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Nica is 11 months old

Bad mami, I have been slacking to update the blog, I promise I will do it more often. Since I started doing photography, I just have more and more work to be done. So little time, so much to record. Let’s see, Nica is 11 months old!!! She just had her first fever, boy, it was the 3 Days Fever, she has quite high temperture for three days, crying all the time and super clingy. I just told Nils that I really miss having her falling asleep on my chest, not even two days later my wish came true. She was so sweet, the poor thing was so tired. She would lie froggy style on the bed. We took her to the doctor, ( so great to live so close to the doctor) to check for sure. It was not only because of her 3rd tooth is cutting thru, it is also a viral infection, it got confirm yesterday when I found a rash on her body. I got her OSA gel, a homeopathic teething gel. She reacts quite well to it. Of course she freaks out as I try to put it on. But after, she actually calms down right away. Highly recommend to teething babies out there!
We are so proud of her, she eats by herself, picking things up and putting them perfectly in her little mouth. She loves peaches, apricots, watermelon, grapes, green beans, my special muffins. When it was really hot one day, we were in the park, I let her try ice cream. I started doing a class with Nora, I could let her stay with a babysitter but she hates it to be apart from me. We will have to try to go early today and play there first.
She can stand by herself for a few seconds. Started to take some steps when I lead her.
11 months, 8 kg, 74 cm
Still tall for her age, weight is perfect but definitely not chubby. She is doing great!


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