Nica is 18 months!!

One and a half years old!! Nica started saying her name in chinese!! But when we show her her own picture, she would say “Du”.

This month’s vocab development:

In Chinese : Book, Socks, Faye Faye, Pear, Pat Pat(Bum)

In English: Baby, Bye bye, Lala, Tiga(tiger), Bear Bear, noodle, Bum Bum

In German: Bitta(Bitte), Namli(tramli), Zoo,

She understands so much more than she speaks. Especially with animal names.

She points to facial features. She can blow bubbles. She got sick yesterday, fever and a cold and cough. Poor baby even puked while coughing. She gives kisses and loves to say Nein….:)

We love you our little princess…

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Nica is 17 months!!

This girl is babbling away like a little bird. She sings, she says so many things in all three languages: Anou, Ina, Adi, Doudou, Nella, Nil, Lulu, Guy, shoes in chinese and english, Dung(lamp), barbaletta, Mina(cat), yu yu(fish), Nu Nu(Nuggi), tea, po po, baba(baby).

She would go sit on the potty by herself and do her business. She would kiss us in the morning or when she is in the mood, lean on us when we got hurt, tell us to dress her baby. She helps to tidy up and put things in the garbage. She doesn’t cry long when I leave her at the Lola playgroup. She LOVES swimming!! We got  a pass for the whole season. She would squeal with joy when she sees just the gate to the swimming pool. She jumps into the water, she absolutely loves water. A real water baby.

Soon is Christmas!!Getta make a christmas card!!


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Nica is 16 months old!

Nica is developing to such a lively, lovely little girl. At 16 months, her new words of the month are: tea, Ina, ahhh for donkey, mozzorella(a version of it), nana for nuggi,shoes in Chinese,bubble,poo poo, she says ieeee when she thinks something is gross. She is eating with utensil, sleeping in a big girl bed after she climbed and fell out of her crib. She loves cooking and nutella bread. She can put up a fight and screams really loud. She is brave, couragous. Her hightlight of the month is riding the pony(almost 10 times) at the Herbstmesse. She absolutely adores ponies. Firsts: loilipop, ponyrides,pigtails,headband,stomach flu.

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Nica is 15 months old!!

WOW WOW WOW! The little one is 15 months old!!
She is talking so much!! In baby language, she says lots of things:
mami, papi, mamita, papita(Colette always wanted be call mamita!) nana for banana, nai nai for nuggi, chai chai for ciao ciao, nein nein nein, and she makes lots of animal sounds, pig, lion roar, clicking sound for horse, meow, duck, cow, dog, she imitates fish opening and closing mouth.
A couragous girl she is, going on the big slide with no fear, when she falls, she doesn’t cry even if she bleeds. She can put up a fight even if the opponent pulls her hair, although she started pulling my hair from the experience. She also has a hot temper, would screams and lay on the floor.
But she is a super sweetie, she gives kisses, blows kisses and likes to lean on us.
AND FINALLY!! She is sleeping throught the night!!! Sometimes even sleeps until 8 or 9 with waking at 6 30!!
We are totally amazing and charmed by this girl of ours.
OH she LOVES her cousin Eugen, she kisses his picture! So sweet. We are so in love with you Nica! I think you will grow up to be a lovely little girl.

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Nica is 14 months old!!

The little girl is walking, walking fast, still a bit wobbly, but she walks away from us without looking back. A very independent soul. She can go up by herself on the slide, I taught her to turn around and slide down on her tummy, but at time, she can be so excited that she would jump down the slide…several close call. Fearless little girl.

Today, she fell flat on her face when she climbed up her baby wagen, the chair tipped and she fell very hard that her lower lip was bleeding a bit:( bobobo…

She is in the mama phrase, everything is mama:) I feel that I do have a deep connection with her, I seem to know what she wants more than anyone else. That makes me so happy and proud. She loves her grandma so much. Whenever when I bring her to Colette, she hears the door bell and recognized that it’s Grandma Colette and would beam a big big smile.

We love you so much our little baby pie!!!

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Speech development

Papiiii, Papija, mama, bom when things drop, or sing to lollipop, finger in the mouth(Lollipop), the newest is piggy snorting sound, she would look for the piggy picture from her little picture suitcase. Said bebe for the first time.

We went to the zoo today, because I wanted to show her the pig. It turned out that she was a bit scare of the pig, it was kind of an ugly pig…hehehee…she held on to me and didn’t want to let you and wanted to leave. She walked around so much at the zoo and waving hi to everyone. She is so funny.

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Nica is 13 months!

By 13 months, our little princess is walking everywhere, still not totally stable but she is much more confident and happy that she is walking.  She is not eating really much lately…but doctor said she is perfectly fine.

8.4 kg, 76 cm

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