My lovely husband asked me to write about him. He said he can’t write about himself. So I will use this chance to write all about him. 

Nils, he is the most wonderful person I’ve ever met. That’s why I am so glad that I married him and I get to spend my life together with him. He is funny, kind, caring, sweet, considerate, generous, supportive, very talented, hard working, honest, and with the most charming smile, heheeee…(so can you tell that I am very in love with this man?) All in all, a wonderful husband. I love him so dearly.

Professionally, he is a talented photographer, started out as a graphic designer. (He is amazing drawer since a young age and gifted with a photographic memory)  When he was 22, he realized his calling –  photography. After studying in the art school in Bern, he was hire as an assistant in a photo studio in Basel. Since then he had worked for the Basler newspaper and work on many assignments for advertising agency, also documenting art projects like Citysky and Chinetik by Littmann Kulturprojekte. There are three books published with his work. I am very proud of his achievement. 

Privately, he is a great cook, specialize in western cuisine, while I am focusing on the Asians. It’s so great one loves to cook. His pastas, home-made pizzas, healthy salads and sometimes, his desserts, however rare he makes them are all amazingly good. He just has a keen sense of taste combination and presentation which makes our daily meals so diverse and enjoyable. One should be surprise that I am not fat. I would also say that he is very good with his hands and eyes, therefore, he is also in charge of installation of all our furnitures. I am more the decorator.

I believe that we make a great team together. I love you honey, with all my heart and soul. 1437 😉



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  1. 1

    Jennifer said,

    Oh, and you forgot to mention he is a clean freak! hehehe Love you guys!

  2. 2

    nilsfischphotography said,

    That’s right! Thanks Dovey, for you kind words 🙂

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