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Nica can ride the bike!

Wow, Nica is 5 and a half now. She is really into vampire, witches in the moment (halloween spirit:) She got a vampire dress, fangs and all. She just learnt how to ride the bike. Started kindergarten this Oct. She is a joy to be with. So smart. She also just did a modelling job for Roche where she was the star. She basically got driven around on the cargo bike (just like ours, but smaller) We shot for 1.5 days. It was quite long for her, but she did amazing. She had a few lines to do. I can’t wait to see it.
I am so proud of you, my little actress.
We were in Portugal this fall and we absolutely loved it. Susan came for my 36th birthday and we fell in love again in Portugal and want to get a house there and one day imagine retiring there. IMG_7117
























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Nica is 30 months and babbling away in 3 languages

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She is amazing, absolutely adorable. She is speaking so much, in three languages. I can’t keep up anymore but put down some really funny stuff she says. She would say stuff at the perfect moment: “Kingmassig!”, “unglaubliccch!”, (those are of course from Nils) but she just picks it up and all the sudden say such phrases. She loves Tinker Bell überalles. She is crazy for her movie, the song I made up for her (Tinkerbell might come tonight..if you close your eyes…) She is at time difficult, but yes she is just being a kid. She is so big now, 93cm, 11.3 kg. Still a fine little fee. She is so sweet, sometimes, she wakes up and tells me she loves me, in chinese. She would tell me she misses me when I was gone(sometimes not).

Nils got a new job as photo editor at Tages Woche. I am soooo super proud of him. He is doing a great job and everyone loves him there. It’s the perfect job for him. He can still work on his own work and work 2 or 3 days a week there. That helps a lot for us. I also started a new job at Gregory. I am happy for that too. But my photography is definitely taking off!! I am shooting twice a month on average. That’s great start! I would like to shoot once a week. That would be great! That’s my goal to have four shootings a month in 2012!

G9 and John are getting married next Friday!! Nica will be the ring girl! Oh! Her dress, we need a dress rehearsal! Promise myself to update blog more often!!!!!!

sign out!

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HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY OUR LOVELY LITTLE GIRL!!! YOU ARE THE MOST WONDERFUL LITTLE THING IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!! WE LOVE YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!! Mama is going to bed now and will throw you a birthday party tomorrow and write more after:))

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Nica is 20 months

Oh my oh my, the little girl is cute, but she can drives her mom up the wall man!! She said “oh man” too….she is definitely at the terrible two stage…sigh….takes so much nerves to be with her sometimes. Especially today, I was really at my ends wit. The latest is that she figured out how to open her door!! Yes!! She just won’t stay in bed, at naps, at night time…at 4 am in the morning…horrible. I am so tired…sooooo fed up sometimes. But then she is so cute and sweet at the same time. She started singing “nina nana”, the song that Ina made up. She can getting more steady when she goes down the stairs. She got 12 teeth. She starts to resist sitting in her high chair. Terrible twos….

She loves fasnacht, she loves the music and the sweets of course.

New words this month: bitte, please, in chinese as well, head, knees, toes, eyes, ears, nose, 2, S, strawberry in chinese, plum, apple, orange in chinese, schöggi, … i am losing track of what can she say now because she learns so FAST!!

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Nica is 19 months!

She can put on her rainboots! She put on her chinese new year jacket backward, but she did it!! She can unzipped herself from her pajamas, can climb the stair(DANGEROUS), she fell the other day and bumped her eyebrow. Now she is green and yellow, like wearing eye shadow. She loves her grandma…

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Nica is 18 months!!

One and a half years old!! Nica started saying her name in chinese!! But when we show her her own picture, she would say “Du”.

This month’s vocab development:

In Chinese : Book, Socks, Faye Faye, Pear, Pat Pat(Bum)

In English: Baby, Bye bye, Lala, Tiga(tiger), Bear Bear, noodle, Bum Bum

In German: Bitta(Bitte), Namli(tramli), Zoo,

She understands so much more than she speaks. Especially with animal names.

She points to facial features. She can blow bubbles. She got sick yesterday, fever and a cold and cough. Poor baby even puked while coughing. She gives kisses and loves to say Nein….:)

We love you our little princess…

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Nica is 17 months!!

This girl is babbling away like a little bird. She sings, she says so many things in all three languages: Anou, Ina, Adi, Doudou, Nella, Nil, Lulu, Guy, shoes in chinese and english, Dung(lamp), barbaletta, Mina(cat), yu yu(fish), Nu Nu(Nuggi), tea, po po, baba(baby).

She would go sit on the potty by herself and do her business. She would kiss us in the morning or when she is in the mood, lean on us when we got hurt, tell us to dress her baby. She helps to tidy up and put things in the garbage. She doesn’t cry long when I leave her at the Lola playgroup. She LOVES swimming!! We got  a pass for the whole season. She would squeal with joy when she sees just the gate to the swimming pool. She jumps into the water, she absolutely loves water. A real water baby.

Soon is Christmas!!Getta make a christmas card!!


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