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Nica is 27 months!!!

Wow, the little bun is 27 months!! You are absolutely amazing. You amaze me everyday being the beautiful, sweet, smart, clever, cheeky, generous, cuddly, wonderful, creative the tiny thing that you are.
You learn so fast, all songs, names go on like butter. You can already speak in sentenes, mixing chinese with a dash of English in her swiss german. You are so crazy for Peter Pan and Mary Poppins in the moment. Asking at all opportunities to watch on the phone or computer. You are a very polite little girl, you ask “Darf ich bitte auch …. ha?”, Danke, bitte, thank you,

Your favorite songs are “I love you forever”, “Ninanana”, “Schlof kindli scholof”

The funny highlights of all that happens everyday:
Dododile, chimchompfee, dorilla, merepoppins, leaving out all “sch”,
so metteling, the two second tooth brushing then out come the brush with “Vertiggg”, the “pirate” and “private”, you are also gaining respect for animals after the “freche Hund” and “böse Ente” incidents. You are a bit scared when we were in Zooli or the Nature Museum. Mama has been bad, I have been telling you stories about itsy bitsy it can smells your mouth if you don’t brush your teeth. Also the flies are coming too. I am a bit mean, I hope you don’t have  a phobia when you are reading this. But it’s the only way I could get you to open your little mouth.
Oh! You are singing so beautifully, counting in D,E,CN, you are so keen to learn to sing ABC.
You are practically diaper trained. Only wearing when we are out or sleeping.

You have such a strong character, that sometime, mama and papa has to be hard to you. Very stubborn and you just know what you want and you do everything to get it. It’s a good trait, I hope you keep that. To keep going after what you want and never give up.

Such a smart little girl. We are so proud of you!! You are such a sweetie pie, such a naughty little angel.
We love you soooo much!! Mami promise to update more of your blog.


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Nica is 23 months!!

OMG!! I can’t believe it, I have been slacking in updating our family blog…skipped 3 months of recording Nica’s development!! I have to admit, I have been a bit lazy, a bit busy and overwhelmed by the speed of her development. She is absolutely amazing, still amazes me everyday by how fast she learns. We were in China for 4 weeks, in those 4 weeks, she must’ve learn over 50 words in chinese. Nica was a super star in China, everyone was enchanted by her open ways, she greets people, actually everyone, she says “Hello!” and wave she little hand. She flirts with all the Go Gos, people literally were crowding up around her to have a look at this little sweet “mix blood” baby. Oooing and ahhing over her long lashes and big eyes. We were of course very proud of her. She tried many many food, which even surprised my mom. My biggest surprise was that she liked baby pig feet and chicken feet. She saw me eating it and had to try it too, even after me telling her that it’s spicy. She really enjoyed it. She loved teppanyaki, ate a mango almost everyday, I could make her do so many things with mango:) she loved litchi, Longan, watermelon of course. She was a bit scare of the ranbutan at first because of the hair, but then she tried it and loved it too. My mom was really proud of her as well because she can eat by herself and almost toilet trained and amazed at the amount of poo she makes…Nica never made it once in her pants in China, she would hold it until she gets home.

She can say so much, now, so much that I can’t keep track, we can just teach her anything now and she can repeat it.

Chinese words: go go(big brother), dee dee (little brother), big sister, little sister, uncle, po po, gung gung, chai, mango, litchi….etc..

It was so funny the other day, when Nils burped, she said “wohl sein!” we had to laugh so hard. She says “pe zo” for pretzel, indele (windele), do anle(here), blip blop (flip flop), lid gloss(lip gloss), asser (wasser), achtung, auto, nammli (tramli), zooli, ohhhhh and lots of words which are her own invention: mamalina, papalina, chipalina(chips), everything she wants really much, she adds “lina”. It’s soooo funny, as if she has got latin in her blood, could it be from my name?

OH and Nica sings, “Ho le du li”, “Hoppa hoppa Reiter”, “This little piggy”, “Rain Rain go away”

Lately she also has developed a fear: flies. She is absolutely terrified of flies. Since we have got so many around this time of the year, in desperation, we started to use this fear against (meany parents:P) I hope Nica, when you read this when you are older, you would only laugh and I truly hope that you are not tramatized by us. I told her that, flies love dirty things, so if she is dirty after eating, if her mouth is stinky when she doesn’t brush her teeth, or when she doesn’t want to wash her hair(she hates it) the flies will come. I know it’s mean, but it’s true isn’t it? hahaa…hey, it works like a charm. Fear factors work. Even on a terrible twos child. I hate to use that against her, but it is so hard to deal with her in the moment. She has otherwise no fear. AND she can be sooooo difficult!!! She bullies other children, she takes toys aways from them, she doesn’t want to return them if they lend her. I know that she has to learn and maybe it’s soon time to send her to a daycare where she can learn how to play with other children.

So this is the last two week of being 1s! Little one, you are a wonderful little girl, you can make mamalina and papaplina so happy!! You will come to our bed in the night, and snuggle next to us, you say good morning in English, German and Chinese when you wake up, (most of the time) You love to help cooking, you love your mamita and papita, Ina, Ongenli(Eugen), Jilinjilin, Marlon, Marlon(Melvin), PoPo, Au gung (Grand uncle). You love your family and I really hope that you still stay that way when you are all grown up. I hope that you will stay at our sides, because I will miss you terribly. But you can also make us pull our hairs out. Anyhow, we love you soooooo much!!! So much that you can never imagine until you have your own children.

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