Nica is 30 months and babbling away in 3 languages

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She is amazing, absolutely adorable. She is speaking so much, in three languages. I can’t keep up anymore but put down some really funny stuff she says. She would say stuff at the perfect moment: “Kingmassig!”, “unglaubliccch!”, (those are of course from Nils) but she just picks it up and all the sudden say such phrases. She loves Tinker Bell überalles. She is crazy for her movie, the song I made up for her (Tinkerbell might come tonight..if you close your eyes…) She is at time difficult, but yes she is just being a kid. She is so big now, 93cm, 11.3 kg. Still a fine little fee. She is so sweet, sometimes, she wakes up and tells me she loves me, in chinese. She would tell me she misses me when I was gone(sometimes not).

Nils got a new job as photo editor at Tages Woche. I am soooo super proud of him. He is doing a great job and everyone loves him there. It’s the perfect job for him. He can still work on his own work and work 2 or 3 days a week there. That helps a lot for us. I also started a new job at Gregory. I am happy for that too. But my photography is definitely taking off!! I am shooting twice a month on average. That’s great start! I would like to shoot once a week. That would be great! That’s my goal to have four shootings a month in 2012!

G9 and John are getting married next Friday!! Nica will be the ring girl! Oh! Her dress, we need a dress rehearsal! Promise myself to update blog more often!!!!!!

sign out!


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