Nica is 27 months!!!

Wow, the little bun is 27 months!! You are absolutely amazing. You amaze me everyday being the beautiful, sweet, smart, clever, cheeky, generous, cuddly, wonderful, creative the tiny thing that you are.
You learn so fast, all songs, names go on like butter. You can already speak in sentenes, mixing chinese with a dash of English in her swiss german. You are so crazy for Peter Pan and Mary Poppins in the moment. Asking at all opportunities to watch on the phone or computer. You are a very polite little girl, you ask “Darf ich bitte auch …. ha?”, Danke, bitte, thank you,

Your favorite songs are “I love you forever”, “Ninanana”, “Schlof kindli scholof”

The funny highlights of all that happens everyday:
Dododile, chimchompfee, dorilla, merepoppins, leaving out all “sch”,
so metteling, the two second tooth brushing then out come the brush with “Vertiggg”, the “pirate” and “private”, you are also gaining respect for animals after the “freche Hund” and “böse Ente” incidents. You are a bit scared when we were in Zooli or the Nature Museum. Mama has been bad, I have been telling you stories about itsy bitsy it can smells your mouth if you don’t brush your teeth. Also the flies are coming too. I am a bit mean, I hope you don’t have  a phobia when you are reading this. But it’s the only way I could get you to open your little mouth.
Oh! You are singing so beautifully, counting in D,E,CN, you are so keen to learn to sing ABC.
You are practically diaper trained. Only wearing when we are out or sleeping.

You have such a strong character, that sometime, mama and papa has to be hard to you. Very stubborn and you just know what you want and you do everything to get it. It’s a good trait, I hope you keep that. To keep going after what you want and never give up.

Such a smart little girl. We are so proud of you!! You are such a sweetie pie, such a naughty little angel.
We love you soooo much!! Mami promise to update more of your blog.


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