Nica is 20 months

Oh my oh my, the little girl is cute, but she can drives her mom up the wall man!! She said “oh man” too….she is definitely at the terrible two stage…sigh….takes so much nerves to be with her sometimes. Especially today, I was really at my ends wit. The latest is that she figured out how to open her door!! Yes!! She just won’t stay in bed, at naps, at night time…at 4 am in the morning…horrible. I am so tired…sooooo fed up sometimes. But then she is so cute and sweet at the same time. She started singing “nina nana”, the song that Ina made up. She can getting more steady when she goes down the stairs. She got 12 teeth. She starts to resist sitting in her high chair. Terrible twos….

She loves fasnacht, she loves the music and the sweets of course.

New words this month: bitte, please, in chinese as well, head, knees, toes, eyes, ears, nose, 2, S, strawberry in chinese, plum, apple, orange in chinese, schöggi, … i am losing track of what can she say now because she learns so FAST!!


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