Nica is 18 months!!

One and a half years old!! Nica started saying her name in chinese!! But when we show her her own picture, she would say “Du”.

This month’s vocab development:

In Chinese : Book, Socks, Faye Faye, Pear, Pat Pat(Bum)

In English: Baby, Bye bye, Lala, Tiga(tiger), Bear Bear, noodle, Bum Bum

In German: Bitta(Bitte), Namli(tramli), Zoo,

She understands so much more than she speaks. Especially with animal names.

She points to facial features. She can blow bubbles. She got sick yesterday, fever and a cold and cough. Poor baby even puked while coughing. She gives kisses and loves to say Nein….:)

We love you our little princess…

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