Nica is 17 months!!

This girl is babbling away like a little bird. She sings, she says so many things in all three languages: Anou, Ina, Adi, Doudou, Nella, Nil, Lulu, Guy, shoes in chinese and english, Dung(lamp), barbaletta, Mina(cat), yu yu(fish), Nu Nu(Nuggi), tea, po po, baba(baby).

She would go sit on the potty by herself and do her business. She would kiss us in the morning or when she is in the mood, lean on us when we got hurt, tell us to dress her baby. She helps to tidy up and put things in the garbage. She doesn’t cry long when I leave her at the Lola playgroup. She LOVES swimming!! We got  a pass for the whole season. She would squeal with joy when she sees just the gate to the swimming pool. She jumps into the water, she absolutely loves water. A real water baby.

Soon is Christmas!!Getta make a christmas card!!



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