Nica is 16 months old!

Nica is developing to such a lively, lovely little girl. At 16 months, her new words of the month are: tea, Ina, ahhh for donkey, mozzorella(a version of it), nana for nuggi,shoes in Chinese,bubble,poo poo, she says ieeee when she thinks something is gross. She is eating with utensil, sleeping in a big girl bed after she climbed and fell out of her crib. She loves cooking and nutella bread. She can put up a fight and screams really loud. She is brave, couragous. Her hightlight of the month is riding the pony(almost 10 times) at the Herbstmesse. She absolutely adores ponies. Firsts: loilipop, ponyrides,pigtails,headband,stomach flu.


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