Nica is 15 months old!!

WOW WOW WOW! The little one is 15 months old!!
She is talking so much!! In baby language, she says lots of things:
mami, papi, mamita, papita(Colette always wanted be call mamita!) nana for banana, nai nai for nuggi, chai chai for ciao ciao, nein nein nein, and she makes lots of animal sounds, pig, lion roar, clicking sound for horse, meow, duck, cow, dog, she imitates fish opening and closing mouth.
A couragous girl she is, going on the big slide with no fear, when she falls, she doesn’t cry even if she bleeds. She can put up a fight even if the opponent pulls her hair, although she started pulling my hair from the experience. She also has a hot temper, would screams and lay on the floor.
But she is a super sweetie, she gives kisses, blows kisses and likes to lean on us.
AND FINALLY!! She is sleeping throught the night!!! Sometimes even sleeps until 8 or 9 with waking at 6 30!!
We are totally amazing and charmed by this girl of ours.
OH she LOVES her cousin Eugen, she kisses his picture! So sweet. We are so in love with you Nica! I think you will grow up to be a lovely little girl.


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    khantavy said,

    Hi Car! Happy 15 months! Nica sounds like a wonderful sweet little girl. How did you get her to sleep thru the night? Kai is still up 3 or 4 time a night.

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