Nica is 14 months old!!

The little girl is walking, walking fast, still a bit wobbly, but she walks away from us without looking back. A very independent soul. She can go up by herself on the slide, I taught her to turn around and slide down on her tummy, but at time, she can be so excited that she would jump down the slide…several close call. Fearless little girl.

Today, she fell flat on her face when she climbed up her baby wagen, the chair tipped and she fell very hard that her lower lip was bleeding a bit:( bobobo…

She is in the mama phrase, everything is mama:) I feel that I do have a deep connection with her, I seem to know what she wants more than anyone else. That makes me so happy and proud. She loves her grandma so much. Whenever when I bring her to Colette, she hears the door bell and recognized that it’s Grandma Colette and would beam a big big smile.

We love you so much our little baby pie!!!


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