Nica is 9 months old!!

Nica is already 9 months old!!!! Time flys!!!!! She stands, and finally could sit with a straight back. She loves pasta, actually any kinds of noodles, rice, bread, oh yes bread, she LOVES it as much as her daddy! She eats all kinds of veg, and LOVES strawberries!!! She has a wonderful character, very quiet but can be very loud at times, she babbles sooo much, “wow wow wow” is her latest. She was at “da da da, ba ba ba” for a few weeks, now she does a mix of mama, mum mum, bab bab, wow wow….so cute!! She always love watching us cook, pulling on my pants to be picked up. She LOVES dogs and cats, she is Minu’s biggest fan. Well…I shall say, Minu tolerates her, she pulls on her ears, tail, fur..but Minu likes the attention so she lets her. But whenever we see a dog on the street, Nica would say something right away. So sweet!!
Growing so fast….our sweet little baby is a little baby girl with two teeth and sooo beautiful!!!


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    khantavy said,

    wow 9 months already! they do grow so fast! 😦

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