Nica is 7 months old and loves Mango

Today I gave Nica mango and she loved it!!! She can kind of crawl now! She can say mum mum, pa pa, and wa wa….
she is such a sweetie, interacting with us more and more. Sometimes she wakes up in the morning and would just talk to herself. Isn’t that the sweetest? She is still not sleeping throught the night, waking once for her nuggie, once for milk. But I think that’s not bad, she is only 7 months old.
I am enjoying so much being with her, jobless during this time is actually pretty cool. I am so thankful that I got fire.
It’s like a blessing in disguise. OH!! We are MOVING in two months!! Nils found us a nice apartment with garden!! and all kind of luxsuries like dishwasher and drying! SO COOL!!!


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