Nica is 5 months old!

Nica is 5 months old!!!!

Milestones: rolls over on one side, giggles, being on her belly with ease, started her first semi solid meals(rice soup, brown rice brei, carrot and potato) she absolutely LOVES them, ate 3 Tablespoon full everynight. She said “mama, papa” this morning, we don’t know if she meant it or just training her voice, but she said it!!! Unbelieveable isn’t it? She almost made for the first time bigger baby poo today! No more baby baby poo..she is growing into the a big girl! One part of me is a little sad that she is no longer my tiny little new born, most part of me is so happy that she is doing so well and growing so fast. OH, she can also take her pacifier out and put it back in, she can do it, but not always. She can also pick it up from the bed and put it in her mouth. What a smartie!!!!

we love her sooooooo much! Nica we are so proud of you!!!


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    Khantavy said,

    way to go, nica!!! smart and beautiful!

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