Have I mention that we do EC(Elimination Communication) with our little bun? Since day 5 of her life, we started this with her. And it’s absolutely fasinating how a little baby response to this. Or should I say, how easy it is to take cue and response to her signal. The feeling of catching her pee pee or poo poo is like being totally in tune with your baby. Knowing what she needs makes me feel so good.
To find more information about this forgotten natural baby hygien:
or simply google Elimination Communication, infant potty training, potty whisperer…


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    Khantavy said,

    This is fascinating. I’m intrigued! And I’m happy to hear you are trying other alternatives to diapering. I’m sure my parents did this us growing up in Laos. The country has been underdeveloped since after the Vietnam war and the government is still too corrupt to make any advance changes. Anyways, people there just don’t have the luxury of pampers for their little ones so I’m assuming they use similar techniques of EC. How is it working with lil Nica? Would love to hear more about your experience.

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    Carmen said,

    Hi Khantavy,

    Thank you for your comment, and that you like the idea of EC as well.
    When I was 9 months pregnant, I started to think about what diaper system we should use, I didn’t like the idea of full time disposable when I read that it take 500 years for a diaper to decompost. And we are putting lots of chemical around our little baby’s bum. My friends’ kids always complain of diaper rash. It’s very painful. So I started to search around the internat about how the chinese toilet train their babies.
    I remember my mom used to do that with my sister, but a little bit older. Then I found out that you can start(actually the best is to start right from the beginning) so there is no need to re-learn and undo habits. Then I thought I really love the idea of EC. It sounds so logical that babies have instinct to stay clean, we are the one to teach them to use diaper as their toilet, no wonder kids nowadays stays in their diaper until 5 or even 7!! I didn’t want that. Also, another reason is that the cost of disposable. It’s so expensie and so enviornmentally unfriendly.
    So we decided before Nica was born that we will try EC her and use cloth diaper when we are at home and disposible when we are out.
    After two and half months, started at Day 5, I have learned the cries she makes when she needs to go pee, the sign she gives when she need to poo. Every child is different, but basically their needs are same like us. And I can proudly say, I am 95% accurate. Now she uses about 1 to 2 diaper a day. EC is really practical and we save a lot of time cleaning her up, money and needless to say, she likes being clean and dry very much. And I like that I know her needs. I feel like a really good mami 🙂
    You can ask me anytime if you need some tips on how to EC, but I learned everything the websites I found online and from observating her.

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