10 days more or less to go

The count down begins, in about 10 days, the little girl will arrive to change our lives. Hopefully she will really be a she, since we have already bought all the things gear towards a girl. I feel her moving around very good and the doctor said she is at the right position for birth. We are truly happy about that. On top of that, mom just arrived last Friday, she is very happy being here with us, seeing that me and Nils are so happy together. She is particularly impressed by Nils’ tidiness. She is happy for me that I found such a nice husband who helps out with house work and cooking without having to ask him. So we are really enjoying the last few days of quietness and freedom. I think we all don’t know what is going to come, to have a baby is stepping into the unknown. But I believe that we will be fine and we will enjoy being parents. I dreamt a lot about her lately. Last night I dreamt of a new borned, then a 3 years old then a 5 years old little girl who look likes me….heeheh…she was so adorable. We are looking so much forward to meet her….:))

38 weeks


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