Amazing 3D ultrasound

We were at the last ultrasound appointment yesterday. At 31 weeks. That was the last time we see her cute little face before we meet in about 8 weeks, between my legs…ahhhh 🙂 I am looking much forward to this. I hope that it will be as smooth as possible and as nice as the that asking for too much?

When Dr. Kang(a mixed korean and swiss nice lady) put the ultrasound jelly on my belly, we could see her little body, arms, legs, all the fingers and toes. But She was sleeping, we tried to wake her up, but no luck. She was just sleeping peacefully in there. She looked so sweet. Actually at first I couldn’t recognize what I was looking at, until Dr. Kang pointed it out..”Here is her nose, her mouth…” DUHHH! And she is 1.6 kg!! Still a bit skinny, but she will sure get better in the next two months.


31 weeks

31 weeks



The ultrasound pictures are really amazing. We could really see her face, nose, big lips like me and Nils. We also got a photo of her foot.


Her little foot

Her little foot



We are slowly organizing her room, we found a beautiful Betthimmel for her, actually a bit too big for her little crib, but I thought in a few years, she will change to a bigger bed, then it will be perfect.  She will for sure feels very cozy under it. We got her a  little fish mobile, I mean her family name is Fisch! So she better learn that from the start.

Oh! little one, 8 more or less week until we meet!!


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