3rd Trimester!

Yes! I am just finished the 2rd trimester!! Baby is growing and I have gained 10 kg already. Hopefully it’s not too much.

I feel well and healthy. Loving my new CURVES and feeling the little thing moving about in my growing belly. 

What is even better is SPRING IS HERE! The easter bunny brought the sun and warm weather back. YUUUHUUUU!

Soon I will be wearing some cute summer baby doll, showing off my big belly to the world. One thing I started was drinking alcohol free beer, which sometimes attract some stares but I DON’T CARE! It’s alcohol FREE PEOPLE! I just like the bitter taste and I won’t say that I don’t miss drink a glass of wine sometimes.

Another thing I started is to eat salmon again. I had a salmon overdose back when I was working at the Three Kings Hotel, but I just realized that the baby needs a lot of Omega 3 fatty acid and salmon is packed with it. I was also put off by the smell of grilling a piece of fatty fish(Nils would HATE it) but my mom taught me  a good way to cook salmon, chinese style, steamed for 3 minutes and top with yummy ginger and spring onion, soya sauce. I have to say, I really dig it to the point that I ate 2 BOWLS of rice that evening. But I really can’t wait to eat raw salmon again. Can’t wait for my sushi time.

Time really flys, maybe it’s because I really enjoying this time of creating life. My body is creating a new life for us, a little girl who will change our life, she will bring new meanings and purposes to us. And our lifestyle for sure will as well. I welcome all these changes, living more healthy, more concious, with a greater purpose-providing and nurturing a little person who we love unconditionally. 

About only 12 more weeks to go!!!



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  1. 1

    Janet said,

    aww 🙂 love the pictures on your site!! and I remember eating the steamed salmon your mom cooked when I lived at your house ^^” it was SO delicious 😛 continue eating good food and drink plenty of water 🙂 take care!

  2. 2

    REally?? You remember that? I can’t remember eating steamed salmon at all. Weird..mom used to steam a lot of fish, I remember that. YOu are so sweet.
    I do drink like a fish..hhaaaa..thirsty all the time. Thanks for your comment, I will keep you updated and keep making more pictures.
    love you

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